How Burlington Midwives Can Help You Have a Great Pregnancy!

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Bringing a baby into the world, while a beautiful and empowering experience, is no easy matter. It can make even the most fearless women feel anxious and worried about what’s to come. When you choose a midwife to guide you through this journey, you choose to make informed choices. This grants you the ability to take control of your birthing experience. Burlington Midwives are experts on normal pregnancies and are ready to help you confidently understand and embrace your unique journey.

About Burlington Midwives

In 2006 Burlington Area Midwives was established as the sister practice for Community Midwives of Halton. They began serving the many people who call Burlington “home” or their place of work. They take great pride in offering reliable maternity care close to home or work for families in their community. In addition, they love having the special ability to play such an essential role for those growing families. These devoted and passion-filled midwives and supporting staff provide quality, comprehensive, and individualized care to support your needs. They work hard to create a trustworthy and supportive relationship with their clients while empowering them with evidence-based information and experienced guidance. As pregnancy experts, their staff leads a full scope Midwifery practice that molds and raises the standards of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care for their community. 

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Each visit with your Burlington midwife is a unique opportunity for you and your chosen support to learn about your body and your baby while building a trusting relationship. Midwives believe in the power of informed choices and will take time to walk you through every step and support your decisions. They will monitor you and your baby at each visit to ensure that you are both healthy, thriving, and show no signs of risk. Routine appointments will be only once a month until you are 28 weeks along. From 28-36 weeks, you will be seen every other week and then once a week from 36 weeks until delivery. 

When your baby is ready to come into the world, whether in a hospital or in your home, two midwives will be present for delivery. One for you and the other for your baby. To ensure you and your baby are thriving, they will schedule in-home visits until you are six weeks postpartum. For added safety, midwives strive to work closely with Obstetricians and Pediatricians so that no matter the situation, they can ensure their Burlington clients receive the best possible care.

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Burlington area midwives support a choice of birthplace, even if it’s not in a hospital. Midwives are the only prenatal care providers who offer home births as a hospital alternative for healthy and low-risk pregnancies. Giving you the option to labor and deliver your little one in the comfort of your own home where you can feel relaxed, safe, and in control. 

Burlington Midwives

Burlington Midwives don’t see pregnancy as a condition to fear but a natural and empowering journey. Above all, they cherish the journey and the luxury of guiding you through.

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