Highly-Rated Toronto Midwife Services to Guide You Through Birth

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While I think pregnancy is worth celebrating, it can be stressful. It feels like you constantly have to make a thousand decisions while your body is actively growing a whole new person. It can be a lot! This is why I love midwives. A midwife is a qualified healthcare provider who will work alongside you to manage your pregnancy. Midwives are fantastic options for people wanting low-intervention deliveries. Here are some midwife practices across Toronto that I have come to adore. 

Three Incredibly Supportive Toronto Midwife Options

Riverdale Community Midwives

For over two decades, Riverdale Community Midwives has been a center where women have come for prenatal care. The center is made to feel more like a home than a stuffy doctor’s office. With soft furniture and attentive staff, you’ll instantly feel at ease. The center has ten midwives trained to empower you throughout all delivery. When you first come to the practice, you’ll be assigned a midwife as well as a backup midwife. Your primary midwife will care for your prenatal needs, while your backup midwife will assist with your newborn. The building has options for both home births and birth center deliveries. The midwives are committed to building a strong village. On top of their expertise, they work within the community and offer prenatal courses. Find out all about their services here.

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Kensington Midwives

Kensington Midwives committed themselves to offering inclusive care to the families of Toronto. With nine midwives, you are guaranteed to find a practitioner you will love. The midwives come from various backgrounds and can offer multilingual care. You can labor at home or at the Toronto Birth Centre by choosing Kensington Midwives. Regardless of your choice, your midwife will be by your side throughout your pregnancy. Early on, they’ll help you decide on the right birth plan for you and then work with you as pregnancy progresses so you can feel confident when it’s time to deliver! The midwives will remain by your side in the early postpartum stages, ensuring you never feel alone. Find out more here.

Uptown Midwives & Family Wellness

Uptown Midwives & Family Wellness offers premium care to all of Toronto. With an entire team of midwives ready to assist you, you team up with someone who can answer any questions and deliver the very best care. Uptown Midwives assist with home births but have also partnered with North York General Hospital for mothers who would prefer to give birth in a hospital setting. Whether you choose an unmedicated delivery or decide you want an epidural, the midwives understand that every person knows their body best. Above all, they will empower you to give birth the way you see fit. Find out more about their services here.

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Toronto Midwife

Choosing the right Toronto midwife is the best way to ensure you can have the power regarding your delivery. With any of these midwives, I know your birth story will be one you joyfully remember for years to come. 

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