Pediatric Dentist Burlington | 3 Highly-Rated Specialists for Kids

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Getting your little one to the dentist for that first visit is tough! It’s not uncommon for you or your child to feel anxiety about the appointment. While that first appointment is easy to put off, getting your child in the habit of regularly seeing the dentist starting around their first birthday is essential. This helps ensure their teeth come in correctly while building trust with the dentist. Before you book the first appointment, you must research a pediatric dentist in Burlington to find one you can trust. So here are some of my favorite pediatric dentists around Burlington.  

Three Experienced Pediatric Dentists in Burlington

Burlington Pediatric Dentist

One way to get your child excited about the dentist? Take them to a charming office! The Burlington Pediatric Dentist waiting room is designed to look like a quaint forest. The rooms themselves are brightly colored, giving your child the perfect distraction. Dr. Daniel Charland and Dr. Charis Luk run the office. The practice is passionate about teaching good dental hygiene while treating any hiccups that might arise. The doctors keep their patients at ease by “tell, show, do,” explaining the entire process to their tiny patients, showing them the steps, and finally doing the action. The office uses nitrous oxide and local anesthesia to ensure your child relaxes and accepts treatment. Your child will leave with a sparkling smile! Find out more about the practice here.

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Safari Children’s Dentistry

Safari Children’s Dentistry feels like what would happen if you allowed your child to design their dream office. The entire practice dedicated themselves to making the process fun for your child! Whether it’s choosing their toothpaste from “the toothpaste menu” or letting them kick back and watch Netflix as the dentist works on their teeth, the office is sure to have the approval of kids everywhere. The office is run by the wife and husband duo Dr. Tina Duong and Dr. Avin Gupta. The pair focuses on teaching good hygiene so your little one can have a healthy smile by preventing any mishaps. Learn more about this great Burlington pediatric dentist practice here.

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Appleby Dental Clinic

Appleby Dental Clinic is an excellent practice for the entire family! If your little one is anxious about their visit, being able to go to an office for all ages might ease them in. You can schedule your visit first so your child can watch and see there’s nothing to worry about. Above all, it’s a fantastic way to give them a bit of courage! Dr. David Kim, a skilled dentist with years of experience, heads Appleby. Dr. Kim excels at making all patients feel at ease. He’s an excellent doctor for the nervous kid! Find out more about Dr. Kim and his Burlington pediatric dentist practice here.

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Pediatric Dentist Burlington

While that first visit can be a bit nerve-wracking, it’s important to remember the best approach to dental hygiene is to get started early. So check out each of these Burlington Pediatric dentists today!

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