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While pregnancy is such an exciting experience, it can be a bit overwhelming. As a mom, I understand how stressful it is to prepare for birth. No matter how much time you spend preparing, at times, it still feels like it’s not nearly enough. This is why finding the perfect midwife can be so helpful. For low-risk pregnancies, a midwife will assist you throughout pregnancy, during labor, and even in the weeks following your baby’s birth. At Access Midwives, you are sure to find a midwife your family can trust with the health of you and your baby. Whether you are planning a hospital delivery with access to medications or a home birth with limited intervention, Access Midwives is here to give you the birth story you desire. 

About Access Midwives

Access Midwives have been serving Ontario for over seventeen years. Owned by Tamara Youngberg, knowledgeable women ready to aid you throughout pregnancy run the center. With nearly twenty midwives on staff, you are guaranteed to find the right person for your family.

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At Access Midwives, specialists are passionate about providing women with positive birth experiences. While many families might hesitate to choose a midwife over a doctor, there is no need to worry. A midwife is a trained medical professional who can assist you with your pregnancy and delivery. All midwives in Ontario are required to obtain a four-year degree through the Ontario Midwifery Education Program. This means that no matter which Access Midwife you choose, you will surely be treated with skill and compassion. 


Access Midwives offer a more personalized approach to prenatal care. The practitioners here believe that when it comes to childbirth, women should feel empowered to make their own decisions. 

Many women who choose a midwife decide to go with a home birth. Access Midwives will ensure you are a good candidate for a home birth and will guide you with their experience so that your delivery is both safe and comfortable. They will work with you to get everything ready before the baby comes. Once labor begins, they will quickly arrive with tools, including sterilized medical instruments, oxygen, and any medications you might need.

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Some mothers choose a hospital setting for their delivery, which is perfectly fine, too! Access Midwives have partnered with McMaster University Medical Centre for hospital births. Here, you can use medical interventions such as epidurals if you choose. 

Clients who use Access Midwives can reach their specialists 24/7. When it comes to the anxiety surrounding parenthood, this is especially crucial! No matter your concerns, your midwife can provide any assistance and put your mind at ease. 

Access Midwives

There’s a reason why more women are choosing to use midwives. When it comes to childbirth, you should be able to make the best decisions for your family. Access Midwives is here to ensure your baby’s entry into the world is wonderful. Now that you have your midwife, do you have your pictures? I’m an award-winning photographer who specializes in maternity and newborn portraits. Contact me today so we can book a session. With my help, you will always have beautiful memories of this momentous time. 

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